Welcome to GCCI.Earth!

This data portal is powered by the Wegener Center of the University of Graz on behalf of its Field of Excellence Climate Change Graz. It is currently available in its initial version GCCIv1, online as of June 2021. More content and features are released later in 2021.

GCCI.Earth provides reliable recent-past monitoring information jointly with current-state nowcasting and Paris-compliant future projection information, over the critical climate change timeframe from 1960 via 1990 and 2020 to 2050. In doing so, it focuses on greenhouse gas emissions (GEM-GHG Emissions Monitoring), global climate warming (CWM-Climate Warming Monitoring), and climate change impacts in terms of weather and climate extremes (EWM-Extreme Weather Monitoring; released later in 2021).

Dive in through the Menu on top or right here: GEM Global, GEM Europe, GEM Austria, CWM Global. The charts are generally made to be self-explanatory - for a one-stop overview of the current content, including detailed data-source references, see this file: GCCIv1.1_Joint-ContentandRefs_Jun2021.pdf.

Welcome to visit also CarbManage.Earth, for which this data portal provides essential background and context information. Learn there on "Carbon Management", a new approach empowering actors at all public, institutional, and personal levels to reach GHG emission reduction targets compliant with the climate goals of the Paris Agreement.

The portal is open as of June 2021 and repeatedly updated – stay tuned.

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